Mass Intention and Stipend Policy for St. John Gualbert and St. Patrick Parishes:

(Effective Aug 1, 2022 for Masses beginning Jan 1, 2023)

Background:   It is a constant practice that a special “intention” is added to each mass celebrated. These mass intentions are a way to specially pray for a deceased loved one, or a special occasion in a person’s life, such as a birthday or anniversary.  Many of our parishioners have offered mass intentions for many years throughout the history of our parish.

As a Cathedral Parish, and the site of the weekly TV Mass, St. John Gualbert has a number of both parishioners and non-parishioners who wish to have masses offered. At St. Patrick’s we have a limited number of weekly masses. There are also a number of rules under canon law on how mass intentions are to be handled. Therefore, we have to set a fair and manageable method of determining which intentions will be celebrated.

This policy will help clarify the rules for mass intentions for our two parishes:

  1. According to Canon Law, all mass intentions must be celebrated within one year of receipt. Our books for the next year open on August 1st of the previous year.  (Masses for Jan-Dec of 2023 can be scheduled after Aug 1 2022).
  2. The customary gift (stipend) for a mass intention is $10. Unless explicitly specified, money given “for a mass” over $10 will be considered one mass for $10 and a donation to the parish.
  3. Every Sunday, one of the masses intentions must be “Pro Populo” or “For the People.” No other intentions can be scheduled for that mass.  A single “Pro Populo” is shared between all parishes the pastor serves.
  4. Holy Thursday, Good Friday, the Easter Vigil, and All Souls day have specific intentions prescribed by the Church. We cannot schedule specific intentions for those days.
  5. Every registered parishioner of either parish is welcome to schedule up to 12 daily masses and 1 Sunday Mass at a time at either Church. After Scheduling their allotment of either Sunday or Daily masses, that parishioner must wait a minimum of 1 month before scheduling more masses.  This allows time for other parishioners to request masses.  (For the purpose of this policy, a person is considered a registered parishioner if they have a registration form on file at the parish, and their family has at least one contribution on record of any amount in the previous 12 months.)
  6. Non-Parishioners are welcome to request mass intentions, but we cannot reserve specific dates for non-parishioners, and we cannot guarantee that those masses will be said at St. John or St. Patrick. We will do our best to schedule as space allows.  If we cannot schedule those masses at either parish, we reserve the right for those masses to be said at non-parish masses (Nursing Home/Prison) or to send those masses to other diocesan parishes, ministries, retired priests, or the missions.
  7. Parishioners are welcome to request mass intentions beyond the above limits. We will accept those requests, following the same rules as non-parishioner requests.
  8. Following a funeral mass, the next of kin may designate one additional mass intention to be said for the deceased at the parish of the funeral. This “Month’s Mind” mass may ‘bump’ an existing scheduled mass to a new date.It is our hope that this policy strikes a balance, making sure that all parishioners who wish to have a mass intention offered for their loved ones are able to schedule a time, while not turning away anyone who wishes to have masses offered.
Click here to Download Mass Intention & Stipend Policy for St John Gualbert and St Patrick Parishes